Out beyond the sun,

Out beyond the beaches that firm into reaches-then fold unto time

Where ego is I go, and searching’s what we know

Where change at hand meets where it all began

a wind so low shall carry you and me

we’ll sail our sweet souls until we see-we’re home

Out beyond the ages,

Where the battle-weary rages appear into blue

Reflect in dreams of me and you, reflect in dreams of me and you, reflect in dreams of me and you

By the infinite reach,

Of sound, light and speech,receding into distance ,

Leading us all into one


Confessions of a Ferryman


Confessions of a ferryman goes like this,

 Split-shift Friday morning bliss,

Peak hours on-the-breeze, human tide flooding free

Peak hour goes, and the tourists run, school horror-days have just begun

Overcrowded children screaming, it’s not-quite Siddhartha dreaming


Split-shift takes the night-time groove, and Friday night is on the move

(It’s) like a bad old drunk with sleepy eyes, just getting started

When the moon is high those drunks come down, and I ferry them all into town

Mini-(skirted) girls with boys so- buff,they seem not made of sterner stuff

It’s lots-of-laughs and bad tattoos, Kate Winslet Titanic news and everyone’s a singer, singing Celine Dion

(Keep coming in, sheets into the wind)


At the height of all the drunken tides, I hear the soundtrack to my ferry life

They sing it loud, they sing it raw, like never done before

“Don’t pay the Ferryman till he gets you to the other side “

And just when I think I can take no more, they see my name badge and out starts a roar

“Hey Paddy-to be sure to be sure---I can take no more

(Keep coming in, sheets into the wind)


I finish my shift around 1am, happy to be truly home again

I can’t get Celine Dion out of my head but “my heart will go on”

So  I turn off the light and float into Zen, I know next week I’ll do it all again

But until then I’ll leave it behind

The soundtrack to this ferry life

(so keep coming in, we are all like ferryman, those sheets into the wind)


You Making Me


Let me be your making man

Little world we make again

,making you, you making me

Let me see those making eyes, smile up to the satellites

They shine on all who see


Don’t leave me in the wallow, don’t hang me in- between

Making sure tomorrow is only you and me

Now you know, you’re making, here you go


Let me be your making guy

We’re wind across an endless sky

Making good, making true

Let me feel your making moon, shimmer in the coldest June,

that moon so warm in me


So keep that fire burning, leave the winter low

Making sure you making me, that’s all we need to know

Now you know, you’re making, here you go


Making me, here you go


And let me be your making man, little world we make again

Make a spark, make it burn, make me hungry, make me yearn

Give me reason, help me swoon, shimmer heart unto the moon

Make the moments, make them rage, every corner, every stage


Here you go, making me


Made a dream, it was made in time

Think I made it right by your side, here you go, here you go now

Made a home, made joy, made care

Made by little everywhere, here you go, here you go now

Made me certain, make no doubt

Made me want the world, to shout it out, shout it out now, here we go


Here you go, making me



Now I’ve decided that I'm gonna be the greatest freak the world has ever seen

Shaved my head with a chainsaw, knocked out my front teeth-jaw

and replaced them with barbedwire—life could get no higher

I'll put earrings on my nose ,  earrings on my tongue ,sleepers and studs on my foreskin and sticking out my bum

I feel so cool  ,so free so fundamentally alive, as I go walking down West End way in my purple

velvet G-string


Shout out happy to be,

said I want the world to see,

I’m pure, strong and free

Shine it into  the sun

Time has just begun---awakening in me, awakening in me



But it seems that these days you need more than earrings to make you the freak so I thought that I might go for tattoos/tattoos/tattoos

I'll put tattoos on my body, tattoos on my face , tattoos on my tattoos to fill up every space

revenge across my knuckles ,  love and hate between my eyes, beware the swollen dragon tattooed inside my thighs


Shout out happy to be,said I want the world to see, I’m climbing up that tree

Shine me into the sun , time has just begun—awakening in me ,awakening in me



So here I am in my purple velvet G-string,I just don’t feel complete, I don't feel quite connected now cause I'm a lonely tattooed freak---there’s only one thing left to do, only one thing left to do


I’ll put a plughole in my cortex, connect Wi-Fi to my brain

I'll post on-line everything I think and everything I do and say

I'll saturate the world at large narcissistically,

cause I am #thegreatestfreak


shout out happy to be ,

said I want the world to see,

I’m climbing up that tree

Tell my friends on FB

I'm posting endlessly and leave a comment now for me,leave a comment now for me

and share if you like,

share if you like me,

I know now that you like me

you must like me?

Leave a comment now for me

you must like me

I'm the greatest freak the world has ever seen


 Come on,


Dancing in Fiery Flames


Lead me from the one who says, I don’t even like myself so how can I like you He’s spreading indecision, he’s spreading indecision, he’s weaving slowly through my mind .And now I’m terrorised by what I thought was true, there is no easy answer, still I know, yes I know


I’m the only freedom,  so come run with me, I’m fragments and smudges of human frailty Forging mountains, comforts aging veins, I am bits and tacks and oozes of Mr Marley’s dream Shining silver-blue, so sordid and bright, flying swords and torches, slicing right through the night I go again


Can’t you see these reflections, they’re forming shadows around me now, I need to scale these walls. I’m so wishful within melancholy zones, take me where happiness is my own, it’s my own


Cause I’m a loving soldier and a despot king , carrying pieces and parcels of every living thing I’m in every mood  , see how I change with weather, cascade in roaring falls that flow on forever ,An endless sunrise of the purest flame, these unimagined glories that take me over

I’m tired of building dreams on routine and pride, for I hear a new call, this is my time, this must be my time

Now I’m lifting over, I’m climbing high, through ruins of forefathers, I’m changing my life,I’m calling off the shadows, that invade me so, reaching through the clouds and over seas belowBounding veldts and fields and undergrounds of love, skirting dusted storms, high above it allLaughing at the madness, breaking locks and chains, reaping high on ego, dancing in fiery flames

Open in


You don’t need no door or no key

If you want truly,

 if you want truly,

 to open me, to open me

Moment, one moment we’ll be

I feel as if the whole world is opening


It’s alright to love

It’s alright to say it

Put a window in your heart, if you open in

It’s alright to feel, but I don’t want to overplay it

It’s alright by me, this world we see

All is beautiful, when we open in



Ackowlegdements for "Confessions" album. 

Paddy -guitars,drum guitar and vocals

Salliana -Violin,Hammered Dulcimer,Nyckelharpa,mandolin,vocals


Bobbo-Bull Fiddle Bass,stringed bass,12 string acoustic on auld triangle

James Lees--Drums on Ferryman,washboard on #thegreatestfreak

Innes--banjo,dobro on Ferryman


Recorded  a the beautiful and serene Wild Mountain Studios--Mt Nebo--Engineered and Mixed by Jamie Trevaskis--all on 2-inch analogue reel to reel--no computers

Most of the songs were done live to tape--we set up mics in the lounge and just played and sang--such a wonderful experience.There were many moments of true inspiration on this recording session.

It was the vibe,the ageless mountain ,the birds,the reefer, and the sheer joy of playing music with your friends in a totally pure, and natural way.Cant wait to do it again.

Produced by Sissybones and Jaimie T

Mastered by DOMC,pressed by asher at Austep

All songs written by Paddy Dempsey except Auld Triangle* by B.Behan

Salliana wrote all the amazing string and dulcimer lines .

The sissybone girls (abbey,Maeve and Orla)sang on open in.Abbey also played Viola on this song


The artwork was done by the one and only Gavan Fenelon--thanks Gav--you are truly a creative of extraordinary talent


Thanks also--Jaimie t and Mia--the ultimate studio experience--love and music

Also Katy and Frank for the mountain studio lodgings B and B--and the endless beer/ pool games

Thanks Kate Fell--for setting up the fund and all those who donated esp.Simon and Cat,Kate Angus,Martine Cotton,Deb Balke, K.F,and You

Thanks Alex Buk--for the great website and all other social media help

Thanks and love to all my girls and you too Bobbo

So happy to share this album with the world





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